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Longchamp is a French luxury leather goods company founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. The Longchamp House is still owned and managed by the family. The company is primarily known for its leather and canvas handbags, its travel items, and numerous fashion accessories.
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  • Longchamp dumplings package

    Longchamp dumplings package It has 160 years of history of French haute leather goods brand Longchamp, since invited the famous Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti Zhang Jing, from the British supermodel Kate Moss as the endorsement ads, Longchamp has revived a camel has a new vigor, and this summer new bags, is still the same rigorous exquisite workmanship, and the types of bags, style and color is rela...
  • longchamp brand information

    longchamp brand information Brand: Longchamp was founded in 1948 French name: Longchamp English Name: Longchamp Creation Date: 1948 Brand Origin: France Created By: Jean Cassegrain Products: Pijuxiangbao 8 years, is one of a family of renowned world-renowned leather goods....
  • Longchamp

    Longchamp Longchamp's Xiang Ma has never been low-key design and meticulous presentation of LOGO, the LOGO away from the big fashion crime, the real people to remember is that the concept of Longchamp folding style handbag, popular dumplings package and has lost Michae tribute to being popular the emblem buttons. Longchamp replica in the market there are few, compared to the hundreds of thousands of other brands, the need to spend a few thousand...